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Short Stories – English 8

January 22nd, 2012 - Posted in Uncategorized -

Remember:  A short story


  • Short
  • Fiction (not true)
  • In a collection or anthology

Is not

  • A folk tale
  • A whole book
  • A picture book
  • Chicken Soup…

Find Your Comfort Level

  • Reading Level : Easy >> Challenging
  • Audience: Youth >> Young Adult >> Adult
  • Emotional Level:  Light >> Provocative >> Disturbing

Sources of Short Stories

  • Books:  Browse the shelves – SC – Story Collections (low shelves outside Reference Room) or search for particular author, theme, genre, or title in the OPAC
    • short stories adventure
    • short stories humor*
    • short stories Dahl
    • short stories The Lottery
    • short stories love
    • short stories Chinese Americans
  • EBSCOHost –  search the following publications
    • Fantasy & Science Fiction
    • Short Story International:  Student Edition
  • Websites – search “short stories” with or without a specific author


Click on the book cover to read an article about Poe's lasting legacy.


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