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Physical Science Links


Red shift

Size and Scale of the Universe

Spectra and Excited Electrons- information and animations

Wavelength vs Frequency

Amazing space website- tons of links to learn about everything from black holes to super novae

Particle adventure

Citizen Scientist links – use these sites to do real science!



Interactive periodic table

Why and How Atoms Combine

3 Types of Radiation animation and explanation

Types of Radiation

Uses for Radioactive elements

Nuclear Power generation


Matter and Bonding

Interactive periodic table

Types of chemical bonds- animations and explanations

Chemical bonds tutorial

Salt dissolving in water

Hydrogen bonds in liquid water and ice

pH scale

Balancing Chemical Equations

Practice Balancing Chemical Equations

5 Major Chemical Reactions video

6 types of Chemical Reactions


Work, Energy and Power tutorial- explanations and sample problems

Fahrenheit to Celsius converter

Phases of matter and phase changes


Seasons interactive

Reasons for the Seasons

Understanding water budgets

Upwelling Animation

NOAA information on Coriolis Effect, Winds and Currents

How the rotation of the Earth affects Weather- simple diagrams!

Ocean Currents Map


Rocks interactive

Crystal Shapes

Plate Tectonics

Plate tectonics information and animations, links

Plate tectonics- animations for rifting, continental drift, subduction\

Virtual Volcano

Seismic Waves interactive – show S and P waves

USGS real time Earthquake map

Virtual Earthquake

Newton’s Laws and Earthquake Safety

Laws of Motion - Thanks Ms. Russell and Students!

Newton’s laws tutorial

Earthquake basics- slide show that goes over building reinforcement

Strike Slip animation

Natural Frequency demonstration (earthquake safety) T

Card Stacker homepage

The Physics of Bumper Cars Thanks Adam and Miss VanAllen!