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Public Meeting Dates and Times

See all of the drama and political excitement of Oakland and Piedmont democracy in action. All you need to do is attend one of these public forums.


The Piedmont Public Calendar is a great place to find up-to-date list of meetings. Check this page before you go to a meeting – times are subject to change.

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1900 House

Here is the link to the show, “1900 House.”

1900 House - part 1

1900 House – part 2

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What is “Normal” Politics?

Here are some recent articles about the Republican campaign for Presidency. I’ve just picked the weird and wacky.

Ben Carson

Carson Claims West Point Scholarship

Carson claims he was a juvenile delinquent

Carson’s weird ideas

More on Booker

Debt Collectors

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Is this the hardest reading of the year?

Climate Change Causes Disasters

The Point of No Return

courtesy of Rolling Stone


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What are Human Rights?

Here is a video that does a nice job of explaining the nature and history of Human Rights. Take a look and make some notes about how your rights have evolved throughout time.

Watch Video Here! (Search YouTube for “Story of Human Rights” if you aren’t taken directly to the video).

All of the Rights to Music and Images

Eleanore’s Role in the DOHR

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Legislation Articles

The following are news items relating to legislation past, present and future. Reading and writing about them will give you insight into the workings of our Legislative process.

Your assignment is to complete one news analysis per class day. That means you should choose one topic and one article per topic. For each article, write a 1/2 page analysis of the events. In your analysis, make sure to make connections between the events of the news and the material that we’re learning in class.

Here are a few that might interest you:

Redskins Mascot

 Insurance Changes

Water Bill

Tax Reform

Here are some examples from years past:

Illegal Workers

Illegal Worker Law

Illegal Worker Law Video

Human Trafficking Bill




Education Funding

Financial Aid for CA college students

Criminal Law

Circumcision Ban


News Wire

Times on Circumcision

Tuition for Illegal Immigrants

International Times on tuition

Fox on Tuition

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Gerrymandering Explained

You may have to watch this video more than once to get what Gerrymandering means. But it is funny so you might not mind.

Gerrymandering Explained

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Politics, American Style

What is the Political Spectrum?

The Political Spectrum is the way Political Scientists describe the infinite variety of political values and beliefs. By labeling collections of political values and beliefs, we can describe how people compare with one another and try to predict how they might behave in their society.

Where do you fall on the political Spectrum?

Take one of these political spectrum tests to see where you fall.

PewResearch Survey                               PBS Survey                         Politopia Quiz

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Room 16 on the Web

Welcome to Room 16 on the Web. Choose a class to explore.


Con Law


Modern World History



Thanks for visiting.

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What is an “Activist Judge?”

Here is a news report giving an example of what many people call an “activist judge.”

News Example of “Activist Judge

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How Well Do You Know The Constitution?

Take this quick quiz and see.

Quick Quiz

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