Piedmont High School : Achieve the Honorable

Graduation Requirements

Credits Requirements

225 semester periods of credit

Subject Requirements

English 8 semesters (40 credits)
Mathematics 4 semesters (20 credits)
Science 4 semesters (20 credits)
Social Science 6 semesters (30 credits)

Modern World History, Modern United States History, or AP U.S. History, one semester of Civics and one semester of Economics.

Physical Education 4 semesters (20 credits)
Breadth 4 semesters (20 credits)

10 credits of foreign language and 10 credits of creative arts
20 credits can be earned from two different courses in creative arts

Computer Studies 1 semester (5 credits)
Social Psychology 1 semester (5 credits)
Electives Various classes (65 credits)
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