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updated: August 8, 2018

What's New:

The last date for any course changes will be Monday, August 27th.

Schedule changes are prioritized as follows:

  1. Graduation requirement
  2. Gaps in student's schedule
  3. Level placement (i.e., Math, Science or Language)
  4. Correction due to system errors

Please consider any schedule changes carefully:

  1. There is a strong probability that changes cannot be reversed after they have been finalized.
  2. Changes might affect other classes within your schedule (i.e., period/teacher changes)
  3. f you change a class, you might be responsible for making up any classwork assigned before you arrived in class.

Schedule Changes will not be made for the following reasons:

  1. Requests for specific teachers/class periods

At Piedmont High School we believe that every student has a unique combination of gifts and talents, which, when discovered, developed and given back to the world, will provide that student with a sense of accomplishment and personal worth. To be available to help and encourage each student to discover his/her own personal strengths is a primary role of the counselor.

The Counseling Staff

A. Carlson, C. Hartford, A. English, E. Mapes, E. Fraser

The Counselor assists students in achieving their highest potential both academically and personally. An emphasis is placed on helping the student accept personal responsibility and the seeking of optimal education experiences. Fostering high self-esteem and maintaining a positive school climate are also goals of our counseling service.

Seniors: The Senior Packet is available for viewing in your Naviance account.

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