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Ground Crew

The Ground Crew is a group of sophomores, juniors, and seniors supporting the freshmen class in their transition from middle school to high school, throughout their freshmen year.  The Crew will help the freshmen start their school year on a good note, working from the ground up… hence the Ground Crew.  Whether its a basic question about your locker or where can I get peer tutoring to talking about the difficulties of balancing a classes with sports, the Ground Crew is here to help support our freshmen.

Our Ground Crew members will:
*Be trained and help with freshmen orientation in August

*Reach out to freshmen in person, phone, or email monthly

*Attend Quarterly trainings for quarterly Ground Crew sessions with freshmen

*Serve as a role model by maintaining a positive attitude towards all other Ground Crew members, freshmen, and new students, and be a positive ambassador for the Ground Crew.

Ground Crew Advisors, along with the above duties, will:

*Attend quarterly meetings to train new Ground Crew members

*Check in with your Ground Crew members to ensure they are checking in with their freshmen.

Amanda Carlson
PHS Counselor

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