CommonSense Media 2nd Annual Teacher Workshop

Guest post from Maureen Rhodin with her takeaways from CommonSense Media’s 2nd Annual Teacher Workshop “Beyond the Gradebook”.

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A quick drop of info from the conference Friday:

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Our first assignment: “Identify a pressing global issue that has impacted you and those around you and research how 3 countries are working to combat this challenge.” Now, what skills are needed to do this assignment? A VERY interesting conversation at our table. My favorite? Being able to figure out how and where to start. Listing all the skills was mind boggling and really had us thinking about where students learn and expand these skills–at what grade and through what types of excercises/lessons. Search, presentation, organizational, writing, data analysis, self-reflection, knowledge of global issues, consider resources other than $$, etc.
Jennifer Auten–check out her blog: Her recent post is about the conference
Assessing News and Media Literacy presentation was a bit eye-opening.
Love the exercise on Slide 24. Can’t be that bad? Check out this video:
Tanner and Jeff from Common Sense Education did a presentation on formative assessment and here’s a quick video about taking the extra step after giving a quiz:
They are both in the Educational Content dept at CSE and the Teaching Strategy section of the website is very interesting and one to watch.


BreakoutEdu was fun and really put our intellect and “grit” to the test. Ask Adam S. about his prize!

Shadow a Student Challenge

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