Take-aways from Marin Google Summit- Robin Ludmer

I used Awesome Screenshot, a Chrome extension, to capture this image from presenter Holly Clark’s session entitled Critical Thinking Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 1.33.14 PMand The Web – Searching in a Google Infused World. Alan November’s simple mnemonic REAL is a great starting point for connecting students to the evaluation of websites process, even at a young age.

For me in my role as a teacher librarian, the emphasis Holly put on training students in the arena of digital citizenship,  echoed with special significance.  Simple tools that I learned these last two days can assist students to make responsible choices about what images are available for them to use from the web ; filtering image results with the pull down menu of “usage rights” in the Google research window or in a Google search window, by using “search tools” and locating “usage rights” are simple yet effective ways to align image usage with digital citizenship.

I learned so much…this is just a peek!  Thanks PUSD for supported our Connected Learning!

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