Take-away Google Summit- Laura Remer

I’m loving a few very practical extensions and sites to bookmark. These are:

1. pureview.com, which turns into a “purify” bookmark. It takes away all of the “chatter” around the youtube video. This would have come in handy for me the other week, as some of those thumbnails were quite interesting when teaching a 4th grade class.
2. adblock google extension – self-explanatory
3. EdPuzzle – We are always wondering about assessment in the library (especially when we are being evaluated), and I think embedding questions into video could be something we can work with.
Then about online searching, echoing Louisa: I think it is important that we establish common language for when the kids are doing online searching. A simple goal would be that all students leave elementary school at the very least using quotation marks around search terms with more than one word.
Thanks for sending us, PUSD!

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