Take-away Google Summit- Diana Feiger

My three best finds were:

1. Read&Write, a powerful tool for those struggling readers and writers and EL students that could also be used for any student.
– text to speech and speech to text capabilities with┬ádual highlighting
– creates vocabulary tables with definitions and pictures.
– dictionary, spelling prediction, translator.
– works on Gdocs, PDFs, ePub books, .kes files (Supposedly Snapverter can convert scans to readable text. I have not tried it.)
I had some success using it with Newslea: more to learn there.
I shared it with my Resource teacher who has already downloaded it to test it.
2. EdPuzzle. I can see very productive ways to use that, especially in science and history.
3. Mindfulness: Balance and harmony, energized learning and thoughtful collaboration.
Thanks PUSD for supporting our learning which supports student learning.

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