Take-away Google Summit- Cheryl Wozniak

Wow… I am so impressed with all of the sharing that has happened already in just a short time.  This is really inspiring!

My initial take-aways:
1. We, the PUSD Administrative Team, need to model the type of learning environment we want to see teachers creating in their classrooms.  This means that, to the greatest extent possible, PD that can be delivered to staff using technology (e.g. embedding a Youtube video on blood-borne pathogens in a Google form that all staff views on their own, has the opportunity to ask questions, and signs off they have watched) should be done with this approach, so that the limited time we have when we come together can be spent collaborating.  On a related note, I also realized (after some great conversation with some fabulous PUSD teachers) that PD needs to be delivered differently–where we move away from a “one-size-fits-all” approach to offering differentiated learning experiences.  Again, what a great opportunity for our Admin Team to be modeling what we are asking of our teachers.
2. How will Stephanie, as Director of Instructional Technology, and I, as Director of Curriculum and Instruction, work together moving forward so that technology is not viewed as an “add-on” to curriculum, but, instead, as a natural part of the way instruction takes place in our classrooms?
3. The take-aways everyone has shared in this email chain must be shared.  I know many of you are doing this already–talking with your colleagues and showing one or more teachers something you have learned.  What can administrators do to support this type of sharing to happen on a larger scale?  Our own demo slam at January 20th PD day (with 5 minutes instead of 3)?  I’m open to ideas!
Thank you, Stephanie, for making this possible for all of us!

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