Take-away from the Google Summit- Sati Shah

Here’s what I’m thinking about a few hours after the summit:
My goal is for students to come way from my class not feeling like we used a lot of technology in class but, rather like they learned deeply and were well supported in that journey. I think technology, when used well, can play a critical part in achieving this goal. Here, the technology would feel relatively transparent to students and well integrated into the class.
Achieving this goal means chasing a few ideals:
  • Being very intentional in how I choose edtech tools.
  • Creating an environment were student feel safe to explore and try out of the box ideas by modeling a willingness to try totally new things myself and iterate them as we go.
  • Encouraging students to spend time developing skills and learning about all the new tools they have at their disposal.
  • Exposing students to the “big questions” and empowering them go deep with them, explore solutions and operationalize their ideas in some way (engaging with wicked problems)
I really like these conferences because they are high energy and there is are opportunities to learn about the entire spectrum of technology in education from design thinking all the way to individual tools. I really helps me to see the whole picture in better focus.

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