Take-away from Google Summit- Carolyn White

I wanted to share one little time saver/organizer trick that I learned that I thought would be a great way for teachers to know that students start out the period with the correct tabs open on their chromebook for that particular class…

Create a bookmarks folder with all the bookmarks for a particular class

On Chromebooks – have all students

  • open all of the tabs that they will use regularly for the class (Teacher Website, School Website, Pear Deck, Socrative, Kahoot, etc.)

  • right click on any of the tabs (two fingers spread apart) and select “bookmark all tabs” OR ctrl + shift + d

  • create a name for the “new folder” (Library TAs, Science 8, etc.) and save

  • each day at the beginning of the period, students can right click on the folder and select open all tabs.

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