1:1 in an English Class: Curriculet and A.nnotate

The week before spring break I visited El Capitan High in Merced.  The new high school was a “one to web” school with chrome books.  The tour was great in that we got to see inside of several classrooms and witness a real focus on instruction- it wasn’t about the bling or the details of distributing and managing a 1000 mobile devices, but was rather about instructional practices and learning!

One of the classrooms we visited was an English classroom and the day’s lesson was on Shakespearean sonnets, and alliteration, metaphor, simile etc.  Students followed the teacher’s slideshow through a series of activities that included pair/share, small group discussion, individual reading and annotation on their devices using Curriculet and A.nnotate, and large group checks for understanding.  I had never seen Curriculet, and the principal there said many of their English teachers used it.  Check it out!


5 Steps for Getting Started with Curriculet : Curriculet.

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