Month: December 2010

iPads in Use in Schools: Recent Articles

iPads — the Apple of almost every adolescent’s eye — are being provided to students at several Bay Area public and private schools this year, including Hillbrook, which claims to be the only K-8 school in America using tablet computers in class and sending them home.

Getting It Wrong Improves Recall

Consider taking a second to guess before you google something next time! It may improve your recall 10% according to these two studies summarized in a Scientific American article.

Using YouTube Videos, Part I The Filter

YouTube, the popular video sharing website, has great resources and content for teaching once you sift through dubious material.  Our web filter blocks YouTube access at some sites, so ask your technology coordinator for the login/password to bypass it.  For…

Use Sign Generators…

Use images from sign generators in your presentations or handouts to capture attention, spark a discussion, or for fun!

Technology Standards for Students?

On January 13th, the District Technology Advisory Committee will create a sub-group to begin creating some technology standards for our students.

Using gMail for eMail

PUSD will be moving to a Google Apps email system later this year. We’ve known for a while that we needed to re-evaluate our email system. In addition to a robust email platform, used by many already, Google Apps also offer the potential to bring more collaboration and expanded learning opportunities to instruction.